World’s first commercial deep-space communications antenna opens in UK

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Space 22 July 2021

By Will Gater


GHY-6, the world’s archetypal privately owned deep-space communications antenna

Nathanial Bradford © Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd

The world’s archetypal commercialized deep-space communications antenna conducted its archetypal operational enactment connected 11 July, receiving images from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission. The pictures – which showed a bladed Martian crescent and the cratered, ochre disc of the satellite – were downlinked via the antenna designated “GHY-6” located astatine Goonhilly Earth Station successful Cornwall, successful the south-west UK.

The 32-metre-wide antenna, which received the telephone from Mars, was built successful 1985. It was formerly utilized for telecommunications enactment with …

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