Top House Democrat Tells Kevin McCarthy We Will Get The 1/6 Truth One Way Or Another

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) said during an interview that Democrats don’t need Republican cooperation to get to the truth about the 1/6 attack.

Video of Rep. Maloney on MSNBC:

Well, look. You know, technically, sure. We are going to have subpoena power. We will have a lot of people who are going to come forward and tell the truth. We will get the documents, and we will get all the information we need to learn exactly who did what so we can learn for the future and hold people accountable. That may include congress or members of the administration.

 It is imperative we have a bipartisan committee working on that. Kevin McCarthy, right now the Republican leader, is twisting arms and making threats to avoid cooperation by any member of his caucus, threatening to take away their committee assignments if they participate in this. That’s outrageous. We are bending over backwards to get bipartisan inclusion in this because it would make a stronger representation for the American people. But we will get to the truth one way or the other. That is what matters. 

It would be great if Republicans cared about an attempt to overthrow the government by a former president from their party, but their care and cooperation is not necessary to make the investigation function.

The investigation will happen. The truth will be revealed. If there are members of Congress and the Trump administration who helped to plan the attack, they will be exposed.

McCarthy is stonewalling the investigation because he thinks it will hurt his chances of becoming the Speaker of the House,  but he can’t stop the investigation, which has the potential to upend the 2022 election and shake the Republican Party to its core.

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