The 'mistake' that led Souths rookie to NRL GF

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If roar rookie Blake Taaffe helps the Rabbitohs to expansive last glory connected Sunday, Souths tin convey a precise antithetic root - arch rivals Sydney Roosters.

Just 3 years ago, 22-year-old Taaffe was nether declaration to the Roosters and looked acceptable to fulfil his destiny there.

But the Roosters didn't afloat admit Taaffe's endowment - and fto him walk.

"Blake was an chartless and the Roosters had a precise bully nether 20s broadside - helium couldn't get a game," Taaffe's past manager Gavin Orr recalled to Wide World of Sports.

Blake Taaffe of the Rabbitohs (Getty)

"It looked similar helium would beryllium 1 of those galore youngsters who would beryllium mislaid to the crippled but past erstwhile Norths guardant Willie Leyshon, who was coaching the Bears, gave Taaffe a call.

"The Bears were Souths' feeder squad and Blake decided to springiness it different shot.

"His debut was against the Roosters and helium perfectly killed them - I deliberation it was past they realised what a mistake they made."

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Taaffe has proved a godsend for Souths, filling Latrell Mitchell's monolithic boots astatine fullback aft the judiciary rubbed retired the tryscoring ace for his much-publicised deed connected Rooster Joey Manu.

Now the youngster, who is related to erstwhile Souths' grand-final winning fullback Kevin Longbottom, is connected the verge of penning his ain premiership winning story… courtesy of the Roosters and the 1 they fto go.

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