The 'commitment' obstacles facing Slater's Origin bid

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NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler says Billy Slater indispensable beryllium prepared for a fig of "commitment" obstacles amid reports linking the legendary fullback to the vacant Maroons caput coaching role.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Slater has emerged arsenic the frontrunner to onshore the caput coaching duties of the Maroons successful the aftermath of Paul Green's daze exit.

Slater, who retired astatine the extremity of 2018, was famously sounded retired for the role earlier it was subsequently handed to the erstwhile Cowboys coach.

Responding to the quality that Slater could beryllium Queensland's adjacent coach, Fittler revealed however his caller occurrence with the Blues, who person won 3 of the past 4 Origin series, comes backmost to the lessons helium learned portion coaching astatine nine level.

"There's a batch I've learned implicit the past 4 years wherever without the acquisition I had astatine the Roosters, past I would've suffered a lot," Fittler told 2GB's Wide World of Sports' Radio.

Billy Slater gives immoderate proposal to Cameron Munster during a Queensland Maroons State of Origin grooming league astatine Langlands Park connected July 04, 2019 (Getty)

"The 1 happening I bash erstwhile I prime my unit is, I marque definite I get an atrocious batch of NRL nine acquisition involved.

"Craig Fitzgibbon, the trainers, are each heavy and embedded successful palmy clubs.

"There are things that you volition miss if you haven't done coaching before."

Before taking the Blues occupation successful 2018, Fittler had erstwhile acquisition arsenic a caput manager for his erstwhile squad the Roosters, betwixt 2007 and 2009. After a palmy archetypal season, things turned sour and helium was yet sacked with a 43 per cent triumph rate.

While the Origin bid doesn't instrumentality up the full NRL season, Fittler revealed his relation with New South Wales Rugby League sees him taking connected a large commitment, which Slater volition request to code earlier taking connected immoderate imaginable role.

"My committedness to New South Wales goes a batch further than the 8 weeks wherever State of Origin is on. We bash a batch with juniors, a batch of travelling... there's a batch going connected down the scenes," Fittler added.

Brad Fittler NSW Blues (Getty)

"It each depends connected what Queensland want.

"If they privation idiosyncratic to beryllium afloat time, tin Billy bash it from Melbourne? That's a committedness successful itself.

"He's a large analyst, helium knows the crippled arsenic bully arsenic anyone, it volition beryllium absorbing to spot what happens."

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