RISC-V's open chip processors expected to double in 2022, and double again in 2023

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The unfastened spot modular volition spell from "one driblet successful the bucket to two," representing a tiny fraction of the wide ISA marketplace but showing unthinkable growth, according to a caller study from Deloitte.


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After much than 10 years connected the market, RISC-V (or "Risk five"), the open-standard architecture for spot development, is taking off. According to a report released connected Wednesday from Deloitte Global, RISC-V processing cores volition treble successful 2022 –– and past treble again successful 2023. Deloitte expects the unfastened root solution to travel adjacent $800 cardinal successful 2023. By 2024, it predicts that fig to beryllium astir $1 billion.

RISC-V is simply a benignant of ISA (instruction acceptable architecture) that tin connection immoderate unsocial advantages to businesses. According to TechRepublic's erstwhile interrogation with Mark Himelstein, CTO astatine RISC-V, "Many companies are taking vantage of RISC-V to make customized processors designed to grip the powerfulness and show requirements of newer workloads for AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) , IoT (Internet of Things) , and VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) applications."

The accepted standards for processing cores—which grip workloads from computers, information centers and phones—are not open; they person proprietary acquisition sets. Currently, Intel and Arm are the biggest players, representing astir 100% of CPUs crossed the globe.

RISC-V is inactive a tiny fraction of the planetary ISA market—less than 1% of tens of billions of processors. Still, it's "essentially moving from the driblet successful the bucket to 2 drops successful the bucket successful 2022: The maturation complaint is huge," said Duncan Stewart, manager of probe for TMT successful Deloitte Canada.

RISC-V whitethorn not beryllium the champion solution for each customers—it's comparatively caller and doesn't person each of the enactment the accepted ISAs have. Still, according to Deloitte, determination are advantages with RISC-V. First, it's unfastened and free—that means eliminating costly licensing fees, which tin get into the millions—an plus to smaller companies that privation to get to the marketplace sooner. It's besides easier to adjust, allowing companies to harness established IP gathering blocks on with the shared improvement toolbox. It's elemental and extensible arsenic well, and tin grip newer compute workloads.

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It's besides sanction-free, which means it tin circumvent export restrictions. So who's funny successful this technology? According to Stewart, "The apical 3 answers are China, China, and China."

"Many Chinese manufacturers are disquieted that having their ISA perchance astatine hazard of US embargo sanctions would enactment them successful a precise hard position," Stewart said. This interest with entree to ISAs makes the unfastened root exertion peculiarly appealing. Also, betwixt a 4th and a 3rd of each the RISC-V enactment members are based successful China. 

After China, startups, IoT, AI and information centers would apt beryllium funny successful the technology. It importantly lowers the obstruction to introduction for "kids successful garages"—i.e., startups—Stewart said. Compared to "the existing ISAs requirements. RISC-V volition astir ever beryllium cheaper and easier," which is "good for innovation going forward."

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According to Deloitte, the 50-plus ISAs that person existed whitethorn beryllium consolidating, with the 2 large players, Arm and Intel, apt to instrumentality around. There's nary crushed to judge that these volition suffer concern with RISC-V. Still, it could go a 3rd subordinate connected the scene. "There is simply a accidental that RISC-V could go a large and important player; not a driblet successful the bucket, but a 4th of the bucket oregon a 3rd of the bucket oregon half," Stewart said.

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