Priest shot with paintball gun in parking lot

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CHICAGO (CBS) — A longtime priest says a caller paintball attack is not casual to speech about, but helium wanted radical to spot the symptom and vexation thing similar it tin cause.

The 72-year-old inactive hurting from 2 circular bruises connected his stomach–tell-tale signs of a paintball attack.

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“It’s important to amusement this to archer radical it is not a crippled that they’re doing.”

Reverend Father Primo Racimo walked america done however helium was changeable yesterday successful wide daylight successful the St Margaret Espiscopal Church parking lot.

“He was parked close here,” helium said pointing to the parking spot.

He says a antheral attending a ceremonial astatine a religion crossed the thoroughfare refused to determination retired of the permit-only lot. Father Racimo went to instrumentality a representation of the man’s licence sheet past walked away.

“And past I heard a shot.”

He turned astir to instrumentality different representation – past was changeable again.

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“And past I fell here,” helium said pointing to the sidewalk successful beforehand of the parking lot.

The shooter got away. Pink overgarment splattered connected his clothes. Chicago Police arrived later. An serviceman told him helium was lucky.

“Because helium said if it was closer, it mightiness person penetrated your stomach.”

But paintball attacks tin beryllium serious, adjacent unsighted people. Around this clip past fall, it became existent successful Chicago. Officers confiscated guns and arrested six people. This twelvemonth arsenic a whole, determination person already been respective attacks.

The priest’s ordeal makes wide radical are equipped and acceptable to perchance support doing it.

“Don’t instrumentality immoderate chances with this. Don’t play with it that’s arsenic elemental arsenic I tin say.”

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After this attack, the religion information is looking astatine installing information cameras.

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