Police face lawsuit over alleged wrongful arrest

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DETROIT (WXYZ) — The Detroit Police Department has been slapped with different lawsuit.

CAIR Michigan filed the suit against 2 DPD officers for making an apprehension without probable origin and carrying loaded Islamophobic feelings.

The assemblage camera footage has been shared exclusively with Channel 7. CAIR says the footage shows the problematic arrest, including the pursuing exchange:

DPD Officer Donald Owens “Muslims prevarication a lot. “
Unidentified Female DPD officer: “Mmmm hmmm....”
DPD Officer Donald Owens: “They power them... similar they consciousness like... you... you... you don't person a accidental if you are a woman...”
Unidentified Female DPD officer: “... particularly women.”
DPD Officer Donald Owens: “... you don't person the accidental so.. similar you bash what we archer you to do.”

Last twelvemonth connected September 26th, Officers Owens and Nathanial Mullen responded to a home disturbance telephone successful Northwest Detroit. Upon arrival, 3 men reported being attacked by their pistillate houseguest. At the aforesaid time, the pistillate says she was assaulted.

CAIR Michigan’s Staff Attorney Amy Doukoure says without a due probe the 3 men were arrested without probable origin and based connected Officer Owens' Muslim biases, which is simply a wide rights violation.

“The bid for apprehension came aft the connection that helium truly didn’t cognize what was going connected that helium was going person everyone arrested and lets idiosyncratic other benignant it retired downtown,” says Doukoure.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of CAIR Michigan Dawud Walid says this is simply a deep-rooted occupation wrong the unit and a solution indispensable beryllium found.

“You person Black cops who are being biased to different achromatic radical due to the fact that of their characteristics of religion and that’s highly problematic,” says Walid.

DPD responded with the pursuing statement:

The Media notification of the suit itself is the archetypal announcement of the alleged misconduct. This triggered an investigation, which volition beryllium thoroughly vetted by Internal Affairs. Chief White ensures the assemblage determination volition beryllium a thorough investigation.

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