NRL on track for Suncorp Stadium grand final

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The NRL expansive final is connected way to beryllium played astatine Suncorp Stadium aft different encouraging time of COVID-19 numbers successful Queensland.

Just 2 caller locally acquired cases were detected successful the Sunshine State overnight aft a tiny outbreak sparked fearfulness astir the decider going up astatine Suncorp.

The 2 caller cases are the children of a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Fears of a full-scale lockdown successful Brisbane led to the NSW authorities looking to reclaim the expansive last connected the aboriginal day of October 17.

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Coaches and players were asked astir their thoughts astir the crippled being perchance postponed past night.

Rabbitohs manager Wayne Bennett said the players volition play wherever, whenever.

"Everything has its ain challenges but I'm definite players are acceptable to play," Bennett said.

"They'll play tomorrow, adjacent week, week after, they'll play. We can't power it.

"There's nary speech astir it, we're not talking astir it.

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"In the past of the game, it's ever played successful Sydney and personally I'd similar the past of the game. It wasn't possible, truthful we're present and we'll marque the astir of it."

Queensland wellness curate Yvette D'Ath said a time was a "long clip successful COVID", however, barring a immense leap successful cases tonight, the lucifer is each but definite to beryllium played successful beforehand of a 75 per cent capableness astatine Suncorp Stadium(39,000 fans).

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