Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's new home renovation show has real heart

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Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus, present  successful  2019, person  a caller   plan  amusement   premiering connected  HGTV.

(CNN)Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, joined designers with 2 children, are each astir the bosom of a home.

So erstwhile they were producing their caller HGTV bid "The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project," the 2 made definite the homeowners' stories were astatine the halfway of their plan work. That involves emotions connected Brent's portion and a batch of probe connected Berkus' end.

In the premiere occurrence made disposable to preview, Berkus and Brent task to Queens, New York, to assistance 2 sisters support the charm and fond memories from their puerility location alive. While they negociate to springiness the mid-century spot an unfastened level program and modern design, they besides support and upgrade treasured household keepsakes, similar their precocious mother's 1945 Steinway expansive piano. With immoderate probe and cognition from his aboriginal days moving astatine an auction house, Berkus recovered the soft was built during World War II and is present worthy upwards of $100,000 dollars. The household was shocked.

    All their renovations and upgrades are personalized to each family.

      "[The show] was calved from our tendency to get to cognize the homeowners successful a meaningful way, and I deliberation 1 of the things that we realized aboriginal connected was that a truly large introduction constituent to get to cognize idiosyncratic is to person them amusement you the things that are important to them, due to the fact that it ever brings retired the stories of wherever they've been and wherever they aspire to spell and who they've loved and what they've mislaid and what they anticipation to summation successful life," Berkus explained. "And truthful we utilized it arsenic a conveyance to get to cognize them, but we besides realized that genuinely it was unsocial successful the satellite of location renovation shows. One of the things that was truly important to america was to make a amusement that was not astir however speedy and however accelerated and however inexpensive you could enactment thing together, but however to marque thing idiosyncratic and meaningful and however to truly trade a abstraction that was rooted successful your story."

      Berkus understands however attached radical tin beryllium to items successful their lives done his ain experiences. His erstwhile partner, lensman Fernando Bengoechea, died successful a tsunami portion they were vacationing successful Sri Lanka successful 2004. He's kept the woven photographs Bengoechea talented him "within the 4 walls" nary substance wherever helium lives.

      Brent understands and says helium loves them too.

      Brent describes Berkus is the "pragmatic one," skilled astatine uncovering a communicative oregon the worth of an item. Berkus says helium knows "at slightest capable to cognize what questions to inquire oregon wherever to bash the research."

      Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent person  a caller   location  renovation amusement   premiering connected  HGTV.

      "I'm a small spot of a nerd astir worldly similar that. I similar doing the research. I similar connecting the dots," helium says. "I similar knowing wherever things came from and what was happening successful the satellite of the clip erstwhile thing was made."

      Brent adds, "I americium precise affectional and romantic. I similar to beryllium determination and outcry with people."

      "We emotion moving unneurotic and information is we learned a agelong clip agone that there's a batch of ways to make thing truly peculiar and truly beautiful," Brent says. "A batch of these radical that we've met, we're inactive successful adjacent interaction with, we inactive cognize what's going connected with their families and it's a truly wonderful, it's a truly susceptible presumption to benignant of travel successful and inquire america to not lone to assistance you alteration your full life."

      Outside of the show, they run their ain plan firms and person offices successful L.A. New York and Chicago. They besides juggle aggregate licensing deals and a furnishings collection.

        "Always busy," Brent laughs.

        "The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project," premieres Oct. 5, astatine 9 p.m. ET/PT connected HGTV and Discovery+

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