Man accused of attacking judge and prosecutors

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A antheral has been charged aft Harris County prosecutors accidental helium attacked a bailiff, a judge, and 2 prosecutors erstwhile helium showed up to tribunal Tuesday morning.

According to prosecutors, 54-year aged Joseph Catarineau was successful tribunal to sermon his attorney's withdrawal from his case. Catarineau was facing charges related to filing mendacious fiscal instruments, truthful prosecutors accidental his convulsive actions came arsenic a surprise.

During court, Catarineau became agitated by the justice asking questions astir his defense, and whether helium would present request a court-appointed attorney, according to prosecutors.

Catarineau, who claims to beryllium a self-proclaimed sovereign national oregon idiosyncratic who believes they should determine which laws to obey and which to ignore, utilized that arsenic his defence with the justice and was ordered to a holding country wherever his enslaved would beryllium revoked temporarily, prosecutors say.

"(Catarineau) became obstructive and argumentative with the court, and created a disturbance successful the courtroom," said Assistant District Attorney David Mitcham.

Prosecutors said it was during the clip that a pistillate bailiff attempted to escort him to the holding country that helium began to onslaught her.

"Two prosecutors intervened to effort and subdue (Catarineau) and this improper conduct, arsenic good arsenic the justice himself, came disconnected the seat to effort and support order," said Mitcham.

The onslaught continued until prosecutors accidental Catarineau was tased and enactment successful handcuffs. He present faces 3 felony charges for battle connected a nationalist servant.

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