Kevin McCarthy Humiliated As Pelosi Announces Liz Cheney Will Serve On 1/6 Committee

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Speaker Pelosi announced her picks for the 1/6 Select Committee that included Liz Cheney, who defied Kevin McCarthy’s threats and agreed to serve.

Video of Speaker Pelosi announcing her choices for the committee:

Speaker Pelosi names Liz Cheney to the 1/6 Committee after she agrees to serve. Cheney will be joined by Democrats like Jamie Raskin and Adam Schiff on the Select Committee.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 1, 2021

Speaker Pelosi said at her weekly press conference, “ Congresswoman Liz Cheney of the Armed Services Committee has patriotically agreed to serve on the committee. We are very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee.”

Pelosi later described her conversation with Cheney, “The conversation resembled the congresswoman’s public statements. By the way, this is not about some of the things you had there, it’s about what is in the bill as to what our purposes. Our purpose is not any phone call that McCarthy made. It is about protecting our country from the negative forces that provoked that attack on the Capitol.”

Rep. McCarthy had been issuing threats to members of his caucus to keep them from participating with the committee, but those threats didn’t work on Liz Cheney, who is about as conservative as one can get in the House.

Cheney has put her country first, and even though Democrats likely disagree with her on 90% of the issues, part of the ten percent that they stand together on is protecting the country from right-wing domestic terrorists and finding out the truth about the 1/6 attack. 

Rep. Cheney’s service means that McCarthy has failed. The committee will be bipartisan. Cheney’s defiance also deals a blow to McCarthy’s leadership as his 1/6 cover-up has flopped.

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