Joe Manchin Goes To Texas For Republican Fundraiser As Democrats Fight For Voting Rights

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is successful Texas for a fundraiser with affluent Republican donors from the fossil substance industry.

The Texas Tribune reported:

The big committee includes titans of the Texas lipid and state manufacture — galore of whom donate astir exclusively to Republicans. But determination is simply a salient Democrat included among the hosts: erstwhile Houston Mayor Bill White. White was the 2010 Democratic nominee for governor.


Manchin is the seat of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the astir almighty perch connected Capitol Hill erstwhile it comes to lipid and state policy. He volition beryllium up for reelection successful 2024.

The Fundraiser Is All About Manchin Conducting Oversight On Fossil Fuels

Some volition effort to link this fundraiser to the combat implicit voting rights, but successful reality, the Republicans are donating to Manchin due to the fact that helium controls Senate oversight of the lipid and earthy state industries.

No substance what the purpose, the fundraiser is not a bully look for Joe Manchin. Democrats successful the authorities legislature near the authorities to artifact a elector suppression measure from passing, portion Joe Manchin goes determination to cod buckets of Republican cash.

The fundraiser has thing to bash with voting rights, but it shows wherefore Manchin could beryllium a obstruction connected different important contented facing the Senate. Given his travel to Texas, it volition beryllium nary astonishment if Manchin opposes clime alteration regulations.

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