JD Vance Goes Full Brownshirt And Says Government Should Punish “Woke” Companies

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Ohio US Senate campaigner JD Vance suggested that the authorities should punish companies and endowments that are connected the “wrong side” of the civilization war.


OH Sen campaigner JD Vance says that the GOP should combat backmost against “woke” corps and endowments with thing that sounds beauteous Marxist to me: “Maybe it’s clip to .. prehend the endowment .. penalize these endowments for being connected the incorrect broadside of these civilization warfare issues.” pic.twitter.com/zdx0CmSg27

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 1, 2021

Vance said, “Unless you are consenting to marque these radical consciousness economical pain, there’s nary superior mode to combat backmost against it. Google, Apple, Delta, they’re not going to halt beating up connected Georgia for passing common-sense elector integrity measures conscionable due to the fact that we kick astir it. Harvard University Endowment has a zero percent taxation rate. Maybe it’s clip to taxation the endowment? Seize the endowment, really penalize these endowments for being connected the incorrect broadside of immoderate of these civilization warfare issues.”

JD Vance Is Suggesting Authoritarianism

Vance wants to punish companies and prehend the endowments of universities that clasp a antithetic constituent of presumption than helium does connected civilization warfare issues.

That’s authoritarianism. Vance is suggesting that companies and institutions of higher acquisition person to travel the authorities line, oregon they volition beryllium punished.

JD Vance wants an America that is similar China oregon North Korea.

Freedom volition beryllium astatine the whim of the state.

The Republican menace to ideology is often expressed successful theoretical terms, but JD Vance’s connection was wide and direct.

A bulk of Trump voters privation to secede from the Union while they are advocating for the demolition of democracy.

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