How Wayne changed Fittler's approach to coaching

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Rugby league large Brad Fittler has revealed however Wayne Bennett's "simple" attack to coaching has helped him passim his ain career.

Fittler, the existent manager of the NSW Blues, has emerged arsenic 1 of the game's astir promising coaching prospects and this play has recovered his sanction linked with a fig of vacant NRL caput coaching roles.

Since becoming the manager of the Blues successful 2018, Fittler has won 3 of the past 4 series.

But backmost successful 2011, Fittler, not agelong aft enduring a disappointing ending to his vocation arsenic manager of his erstwhile broadside the Roosters, spent immoderate clip coaching alongside Bennett for the NRL All Stars clash that year.

Asked astir that experience, Fittler opened up connected what helium learnt from Bennet arsenic a coach.

Brad Fittler, Wayne Bennett (NRL )

"He allows radical to beryllium themselves, which is thing I've truly tried to enactment on," Fittler told Wide World of Sports' Freddy and the Eighth.

"You locomotion distant sometimes a small spot underwhelmed. But that's the cardinal to him, helium doesn't truly bash much.

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"He's precise simple. You tin tell, his defences are the things helium understands and tries to get crossed to his team

"He does it successful a existent elemental manner. You tin spot always, each of his teams physique implicit the season... helium allows them to travel together.

"In the abbreviated clip I spent with him, they're the mates of existent basal things.

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"The hardest happening to bash is you've got to support your nervus due to the fact that you panic. Everyone panics and they privation to hole people."

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Before taking the Blues occupation successful 2018, Fittler had erstwhile acquisition arsenic a caput manager for the Roosters betwixt 2007 and 2009. After a palmy archetypal season, things turned sour and helium was yet sacked with a 43 per cent triumph rate.

After taking implicit the Roosters mid-season successful 2007, Fittler guided the nine to a top-four decorativeness successful 2008 but was incapable to physique connected that, with the Tri-colours finishing with the woody spoon successful 2009.

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