How to run network diagnostic tests on Chrome OS

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Is your Chromebook having networking issues? Jack Wallen introduces you to a instrumentality that could assistance you lick those problems.


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Generally speaking, Chromebooks conscionable work. That's however they were designed, and that's however they function. After years of moving with these devices, I've lone seldom had issues with networking, and astir of those were with a Pixelbook that was known to person networking issues. 

But connected those occasions that I bash tally into networking issues with Chrome OS, I crook to 1 instrumentality to assistance maine troubleshoot. That instrumentality is built into the operating system, but it's tucked retired of sight. Let's untuck that app, truthful you tin way down those networking issues with your Chromebook.

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What you'll request

The lone happening you'll request to usage the diagnostic instrumentality is simply a functioning Chromebook. One happening to support successful caput is that Google is readying connected adding a web diagnostic instrumentality to the wide Diagnostics conception successful the Settings window. The app I'm going to amusement you is not that, but it's 1 that's been astir for a while. 

How to find the web diagnostics instrumentality

Log into your Chromebook and unfastened Chrome. In the code bar, benignant chrome://network. On the resulting leafage (Figure A), you'll find six tabs: General, Network Health, Network Logs, Network State, Network Select and Traffic Counters.

Figure A


The Network Diagnostics instrumentality connected Chrome OS.

Click connected the Network Health tab, and you'll spot respective drop-downs. Click connected immoderate 1 of those drop-downs to uncover the trial that it volition tally (Figure B) to cheque connected the wellness of your network.

Figure B


You tin presumption each of the tests the wellness cheque volition run.

Click Run All Routines, and the wellness cheque volition begin. Everything should pass. If a trial doesn't pass, it should springiness you an mistake connection you tin usage to further diagnose the problem. (I haven't tally into immoderate issues, truthful everything is coming up greenish for me.) However, connected 1 run, Google Services (which uses video conferencing arsenic its test) did instrumentality sizeable clip to run; it turns retired that was an contented connected Google's extremity (as I was having problems with Google Services connected each instrumentality astatine that time). 

You tin besides cheque the pursuing tabs:

  • Network State to presumption the presumption of each the disposable networks.

  • Network Logs to configure and entree the logs UI (which is chrome://device-log).

  • Network Select to prime the web you privation to use.

  • Traffic Counters to presumption information counts for an associated web device.

The 1 downfall to this instrumentality is that it doesn't springiness you overmuch successful the mode of assistance should thing fail. Even so, it tin service arsenic a bully starting constituent for troubleshooting networking issues connected your Chromebook. Maybe, erstwhile Google has added Network Diagnostics to the wide Diagnostics instrumentality successful Settings, you'll find not lone much accusation but much assistance to get your Chromebook backmost online. 

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