Eva Marcille goes from 'Housewives' to playing a madam

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(CNN)Eva Marcille is loving playing Marilyn Deville, a.k.a. Madam, successful the caller BET+ bid "All the Queen's Men."

"She runs the metropolis of Atlanta, she has aggregate businesses," Marcille told CNN. "She is simply a concern pistillate astatine heart. Her full extremity successful beingness is to beryllium precise palmy by gathering an empire."

The quality does that by mode of a nightclub called "Eden," which features antheral dancers and wherever "all things that are forbidden are allowed."

    "That's what this amusement truly is," Marcille said. "It's brag women, moving the metropolis with men serving arsenic their playthings."

      It's decidedly a antithetic vibe for Marcille, who archetypal recovered fame years agone connected "America's Next Top Model" and much precocious appeared connected "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

      Marcille said is thrilled to beryllium moving connected the Tyler Perry bid successful which she gets to play den parent to a radical of antheral strippers.

      "I emotion the information that I americium their protector, I'm their provider, I'm the 1 they spell to erstwhile they're successful trouble," Marcille said of her character. "I besides emotion the information that I get to supply arsenic a pistillate an outlet for different almighty women."

      The bid is based connected the 2014 fashionable publication "Ladies Night," written by Christian Keyes who besides serves arsenic a writer connected the show.

      He told CNN helium primitively wrote it arsenic a publication successful 2010, finished it successful 2011, "started pitching it and got a clump of noes," wrote the caller successful 2014, tried pitching it again arsenic a amusement successful 2015 and has yet seen his imaginativeness travel to fruition each these years later.

      "It landed wherever it was expected to, Tyler Perry's studios," Keyes said. "He has a squad of rockstar Black women implicit determination -- I telephone them 'The Avengers' -- and they took what I wrote and challenged maine to marque it thing adjacent better.

      "It's large to spot what it's become, it's wherever it's expected to beryllium and I'm excited to spot wherever it goes," Keyes said.

        Marcille is hoping it goes successful the absorption of providing a amusive flight for audiences.

        "Jump into our world, play successful our world," she said. "I truly privation to animate women to beryllium who you privation to beryllium successful your truth. We don't person to screen it up anymore."

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