Dolly Parton reacts to Lil Nas X's cover of 'Jolene'

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(CNN)Dolly Parton is a Lil Nas X fan.

The vocalist revealed she had heard his screen of "Jolene," and instantly loved it. She took to Instagram with a representation of herself with Lil Nas X to stock her appreciation for his instrumentality connected the hit.

"I was truthful excited erstwhile idiosyncratic told maine that Lil Nas X had done my opus 'Jolene.' I had to find it and perceive to it immediately...and it's really, truly good," wrote Parton. "Of course, I emotion him anyway. I was amazed and I'm honored and flattered. I anticipation helium does bully for some of us. Thank you @lilnasx \"

    The "Industry Baby" vocalist had performed the opus past week astatine the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

      Lil Nas X responded connected societal media, with, "HOLY S---."

      He had explained connected SiriusXM connected Tuesday however helium chose "Jolene."

      "We primitively were going to bash a Nirvana opus and past we were benignant of goofing astir and you know, similar doing Jolene, it was like, hold a minute. What if we really did Jolene?" helium said.

      Lil Nas X's defiant pridefulness  is indispensable  to hip-hop -- and the DaBaby debacle is 1  crushed   why

        He continued, "And I consciousness like, you know, the discourse to it, similar wholly changes arsenic you conscionable said, I was like, 'Oh, that'd beryllium truly cool.' So I went for it. Hey, [I] person my past with country. So I was like, ah, this is perfect."

        Parton thinks truthful too.

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