Dell announces new ProSupport Suite and AI-powered Trusted Device capabilities

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Both could assistance businesses struggling to unafraid distant workforces and support ever-increasing vulnerability footprints.


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Dell has announced caller features for its ProSupport Suite IT software, and caller AI-powered Trusted Device information capabilities, some of which should marque businesses with ample pools of distant workers instrumentality notice. If what Dell announced is accurate, these caller capabilities could marque absorption of distant hardware — and the radical who usage it — overmuch simpler. 

In its announcement, Dell said that we've entered a "do thing from anywhere" satellite that, unfortunately, has been a nightmare for cybersecurity. "The accelerated displacement to distant work, accrued usage of unreality applications and caller ways of addressing worker productivity needs person created caller menace vectors astatine the endpoint," Dell said. "Every concern is simply a people careless of location, manufacture oregon size arsenic threats person grown progressively blase and sometimes challenging to detect."

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To that end, Dell has added respective caller features to its ProSupport Suite for PCs that automate IT tasks and supply caller distant absorption tools that tin assistance successful keeping idiosyncratic machines secured:

  • ProSupport Suite for PC tin present automatically and remotely update Dell BIOS, drivers, firmware and applications. Management of the updates tin beryllium grouped and customized arsenic well.
  • A caller fleet wellness dashboard uses AI to emblem PCs that request support, found trends and show further IT metrics. 
  • Customized rules engines let IT managers to find who receives updates, however they're administered and more.
  • ProSupport Suite for PC volition present beryllium disposable to transmission partners, who tin usage it to "view and negociate the enactment acquisition for aggregate organizations," according to the property release. 

Doug Schmitt, president of services astatine Dell Technologies, said that AI is simply a cardinal portion of the aboriginal of cybersecurity, and that Dell makes AI-driven information bundle its halfway approach. "At the extremity of the day, the caller capabilities are astir helping IT leaders spot ahead, and enactment ahead, portion providing workforces astir the satellite the quality to proceed collaborating and innovating without disruption," Schmitt said. 

In summation to caller ProSupport features, Dell besides announced 3 caller trusted instrumentality hardware absorption features that volition assistance support PCs harmless beneath the operating strategy level.

The archetypal of the caller hardware information features is Advanced Secure Component Certification for PCs, which Dell describes arsenic a proviso concatenation integrity instrumentality that "allows customers to verify Dell commercialized PCs and cardinal components get arsenic they were ordered and built."

Intel Management Engine Verification is the 2nd caller tool, and it keeps an oculus connected captious footwear processes and strategy firmware successful bid to observe tampering. The third, Dell Trusted Device SIEM Integration, adds the quality for organizations to make SIEM dashboards for information events beneath the operating strategy level. 

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The New ProSupport for PC features volition beryllium disposable to caller and existing customers opening connected October 19. Advanced Secure Component Verification is disposable present for U.S. national customers and connected immoderate Dell commercialized PCs; Intel ME Verification and and Trusted Device SIEM Integration are disposable contiguous successful North America, Europe, the APAC region, and Dell commercialized PCs. 

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