Coy Cleary gives update on injured Panthers star

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A coy Ivan Cleary has fixed an update connected injured fullback Dylan Edwards but has besides been cautious to support his cards adjacent to his thorax earlier the Panthers look South Sydney successful the NRL expansive last connected Sunday.

The Penrith manager spoke to media connected Saturday connected the eve of the play finale and dismissed interest implicit Edwards' quality to play tomorrow.

"Dylan's fine, he'll beryllium right," Cleary said.

"I'm definite some teams person got players that are carrying injuries. We surely have, but we've had that for immoderate time.

"I conscionable marvel astatine the resilience of these boys and the courageousness they amusement each week. They conscionable garbage not to play and they support turning up and doing their thing. I'm definite it volition beryllium the aforesaid tomorrow."

Dylan Edwards greets fans during a Penrith Panthers NRL grooming league (Getty)

Edwards is dealing with a plantar fascia issue, and has been utilizing crutches and successful a satellite footwear during nationalist appearances earlier the expansive final. He besides has been connected airy grooming duties. But Cleary said the satellite footwear is conscionable to springiness Edwards ft amended support, and isn't a motion helium can't play.

"It's conscionable to instrumentality value disconnected the foot, that's each that is," Cleary said.

"By the clip grooming comes round, helium goes retired and does his thing. We were watching play past week and helium was 1 of our best. He's precise important to our squad and I marvel astatine the courageousness of these boys and however they mentally propulsion their bodies to what they request to do.

"He's conscionable 1 of those guys everyone loves playing with. He's tough, he's durable, helium gets targeted a lot, which beauteous overmuch sums up however invaluable helium is. He's 1 of those teammates our boys love."

Panthers’ Nathan Cleary connected his enarthrosis injury

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Cleary said helium expects to person his 1-17 acceptable to go, with Viliame Kikau "essentially" to play disconnected the seat arsenic helium did past week.

The Panthers manager revealed that the squad is feeling assured they tin amended connected their show the past clip they played South Sydney, wherever they mislaid 16-10 successful week 1 of the finals successful Townsville 3 weeks ago.

"We near Townsville that nighttime feeling similar we didn't enactment our champion ft guardant but we've done that the past mates of weeks, we've corrected a fewer things and improved gradually since then.

"We conscionable privation to get determination time nighttime and springiness our champion imaginable show and anticipation it's a spot amended than that crippled successful Townsville."

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