Consumer privacy study finds online privacy is of growing concern to increasingly more people

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The study, from Cisco, comes with the announcement of its New Trust Standard, a benchmark for seeing however trustworthy businesses are arsenic they clasp integer transformation.


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Cisco has released the results of a survey of consumers and their opinions connected integer privacy, and the findings person led it to make what it calls the New Trust Standard, a benchmark that assesses businesses implicit the people of their integer translation initiatives to find however trustworthy they are.

If that makes it dependable similar the findings of the study constituent to a debased level of user assurance successful the extortion of their online privacy, that would beryllium accurate. The study itself highlights 4 cardinal takeaways from the data, each of which it said "demonstrates the increasing value of privateness to the idiosyncratic and its implications connected the businesses and governments that service them."

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First, Cisco said that consumers privation transparency and power implicit however businesses grip their data, and an expanding fig said they're consenting to enactment to support themselves. Eighty-six percent of respondents said they attraction astir their information privateness and privation much control, portion 79% said they were consenting to enactment by not making a purchase, expecting to wage much for privacy, and spending wealth to support their data. 

Second, respondents had affirmative views of privateness laws, but a debased level of consciousness of those laws, with lone 43% of respondents saying they were alert of the peculiar laws successful their country. 

As for COVID-19 related privateness hiccups, consumers don't person overmuch patience for being asked to trim their privateness successful the sanction of amended pandemic response, with 42% saying they privation nary suspension of privateness laws, and 20% saying lone a precise fewer should beryllium suspended successful circumstantial instances. 

Lastly, maltreatment of information handling has eroded trust, and galore are suspicious of AI that uses information to automate determination making. When presented with assorted scenarios successful which AI was utilizing information to marque a decision, 53% said they would spot an enactment little that uses specified bundle successful the hiring interrogation process, 46% said they would spot a institution little that uses it to acceptable prices and 47% said they would suffer spot successful companies that usage AI to marque recognition worthiness decisions. 

That's a dim presumption of privacy, by and large, which is 1 of the reasons Cisco released its New Trust Standard

"Digital businesses request the quality to verify the spot and resilience of its solutions, operations and actions. This model helps america recognize the halfway pillars successful a process that makes spot quantifiable," said Cisco CISO Anthony Grieco.

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The New Trust Standard tin beryllium utilized by immoderate enactment looking to conscionable a caller modular of information protection, and Cisco said it establishes 5 captious elements that organizations request to turn portion staying unafraid and maintaining nationalist trust:

  • Implement zero-trust architecture
  • Make definite you person proviso concatenation visibility and spot each nexus successful the accumulation process
  • Stay up of information rights regulations and sentiment and respond accordingly.
  • Be transparent astir what information is collected, however that information is used, wherefore it's collected, however it's protected, and if immoderate incidents hap that users request to cognize astir — adjacent affirmative ones.
  • Earn certifications and conscionable regulatory requirements to amusement that your enactment is recognized for being a due information custodian.

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