Colombia seizes hundreds of tarantulas bound for Germany

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(CNN)Hundreds of chaotic spiders and insects were seized by Colombian authorities connected Thursday arsenic they foiled an alleged effort to smuggle the bugs to Europe, officials said.

A connection from Bogota's biology authorization said astatine slightest 232 tarantulas, 67 cockroaches, 9 spider eggs, and a scorpion with 7 of its young were confiscated astatine the capital's El Dorado airport.

The bugs were kept successful much than 200 integrative containers hidden successful a suitcase, the connection said.

    Two German citizens were detained and volition beryllium prosecuted, officials said. They said they were taking the animals to Germany for world purposes, but lacked the permits to cod and transport them.

      Authorities analyse   the bugs that were allegedly recovered  hidden successful  a suitcase.

      Video shows immoderate of the insects crawling astir a container arsenic authorities analyse them. A tarantula tin beryllium seen climbing connected a woody branch, portion different bug crawls crossed an official's limb portion they inspect it.

      Bogota's situation secretary, Carolina Urrutia, said adjacent if radical intended to usage chaotic animals for technological research, they inactive request support from the applicable authorities to region them from the country.

        This is the 2nd incidental successful little than 3 months successful which authorities person seized chaotic specimens intended to beryllium illegally exported from Colombia.

        In September, officials confiscated a shipment of astir 3,500 shark fins bound for Hong Kong.

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