Burning question behind Green's Origin exit

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Paul Green's determination to basal down arsenic Queensland State of Origin coach apt means he's adjacent to confirming an NRL instrumentality successful 2022, according to Phil Gould.

The QRL announced yesterday it had parted ways with Green aft lone 1 season, with New South Wales winning the bid 2-1, the 3rd triumph successful 4 years for the Blues.

Green said successful the connection that helium couldn't springiness a warrant to the QRL that helium wouldn't prosecute an NRL occupation successful the future.

But Gould says Green would lone person stepped down present if helium had plans for 2022, though helium conceded helium had a rocky commencement to his tenure arsenic Queensland coach.

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"My knowing is helium feels arsenic though he's successful the moving for an NRL occupation very, precise soon," helium said connected his Six Tackles with Gus podcast.

"If it's been his decision, to permission a prestigious occupation similar coaching Origin, wherever I deliberation they would beryllium a precise bully accidental of occurrence adjacent year, would pb maine to deliberation he's beauteous definite he's successful the moving for a occupation present (in the NRL)."

Queensland Maroons manager Paul Green (Getty)

"It's either that, oregon the QRL were not blessed with the mode things went down (this) year, due to the fact that their archetypal mates of games they lost, and they had immoderate troubled preparations.

"At 1 signifier I said it conscionable appears that he's retired of his extent astatine that level, which was astir apt harsh criticism, but astatine the clip Queensland's run was a spot of a rabble."

Green was successful complaint of North Queensland erstwhile the nine won its maiden premiership successful 2015, and stayed successful that relation until helium stepped down successful 2020.

Gould noted that his reign astatine the Cowboys ended successful disappointing fashion, which, erstwhile added to the Origin nonaccomplishment successful 2021, means Green would beryllium improbable to walk up the accidental astatine redemption adjacent twelvemonth if a occupation wasn't already successful the offing.

"I can't ideate him saying, I privation to beryllium an NRL coach, truthful I'll beryllium retired adjacent year's Origin series," helium explained.

Queensland manager Paul Green aft Origin III. (Getty)

"It would person to mean to maine that determination mightiness beryllium a occupation disposable now.

"If you wanted an NRL job, wherefore not beryllium yourself and triumph adjacent year's Origin series? Surely that would amended your stakes?"

The Wests Tigers would look to beryllium the astir apt landing constituent for Green successful 2022, with the nine presently conducting a review, aft different sub-par show successful 2021.

The Tigers haven't made the finals since 2011, and look acceptable to portion ways with Michael Maguire.

If appointed, Green would beryllium the club's sixth manager successful that period, aft Tim Sheens, Mick Potter, Jason Taylor, Ivan Cleary and Maguire.

Cowboys manager Paul Green holds the NRL trophy aft the Cowboys triumph successful 2015. (Getty)

"If helium says he's passed up the Queensland occupation due to the fact that helium wants to beryllium an NRL manager again, I'd person to deliberation helium thinks he's successful the moving for an NRL occupation now. Now wherever would that be?" Gould asked.

"Queensland's champion broadside tin evidently beryllium very, precise competitive. They did triumph past year's series, and they did triumph Game Three this year, so, they're inactive holding their own.

"That's wherefore I can't recognize wherefore the manager has stood down."

"There has to beryllium a crushed for that."

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