Boy fights for celiac awareness, funding

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PENN VALLEY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Eight-year-old Penn Valley autochthonal Jax Bari was dealt a large stroke erstwhile helium was diagnosed with celiac disease. He's present turned his efforts towards educating others and advocating for change.

On Wednesday, Bari was joined by household astatine the Pennsylvania State Capitol and recognized by the Senate for his work. A question was introduced to designate September 13 arsenic 'Celiac Awareness Day.'

"Through his advocacy work, Jax has a precise important extremity of requiring gluten beryllium labeled connected each nutrient packages," said State Sen. Amanda Cappelletti.

Some whitethorn person archetypal seen Bari arsenic a third-grader successful May aft being featured connected World News Tonight aft penning a missive to anchor David Muir.

He's besides received correspondence from President Joe Biden regarding backing for research.

Bari has recruited 9 legislators to the Congressional Celiac Disease Caucus.

The National Institute of Health spends astir $3 cardinal connected celiac probe each year, the lowest magnitude for immoderate gastrointestinal disease. With his proven way grounds of getting things done, Bari is determined to alteration that.


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