A New Xbox Statistics Page Being Tested, Can Track Game Time

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Ever privation to cognize however agelong you’ve been jamming connected a game? Xbox users are 1 measurement person to readily disposable accusation arsenic portion of the console idiosyncratic interface. The diagnostic is inactive successful testing, but definite Xbox Insiders tin usage the diagnostic with a caller update, which is inactive successful the investigating phase.

Xbox consoles enabled for Alpha updates arsenic portion of the Xbox Update Preview programme should spot the UI update today. This update brings immoderate bug fixes and a caller Guide paper diagnostic to spot however overmuch clip you’ve been spending playing a game, on with different game-specific statistics. Here’s wherever to find the caller Stat’s page, according to a blog post from Xbox:

“Check retired the Game enactment tab portion playing a crippled and spot not conscionable the classical Achievements list, but besides a recently added Stats leafage that tracks things similar playtime and more, depending connected what crippled you’re playing.”

Knowing however galore hours you’ve spent successful a crippled is excellent, particularly for games that person an unreliable timer oregon don’t person 1 astatine all. What’s perchance much breathtaking is reasoning astir which different accusation this caller Stats leafage surfaces. How galore full points person you scored online successful Madden NFL 22? Where’s your astir occupied country connected Fortnite’s island? What’s your astir utilized limb successful Halo Infinite? How galore jumps did you execute successful Ori and the Will of the Wisps? These are each hypothetical statistics, but I’m crossing my fingers for developers to propulsion amusive stats not tied to achievements that I didn’t adjacent cognize I wanted. 

Remember, this is an alpha trial build. Features tin alteration betwixt present and afloat nationalist release. Those looking to trial retired aboriginal firmware connected consoles should beryllium alert that determination whitethorn beryllium unstable parts of the interface that could impact gameplay successful immoderate ways. If you’re disquieted astir moving into issues, it’s champion to hold until features updates are thoroughly tested and walk certification for release.

Are you excited to person an easy accessible crippled timepiece connected Xbox consoles? What benignant of statistic would you similar to cognize astir the games you play? Let america cognize your thoughts successful the comments!

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