Woman helps deliver baby on interstate

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - It’s the past spot a Kansas pistillate would expect to present her caller baby.

Beau and Michelle Drexler’s babe boy, Miles, wasn’t owed for 3 much weeks erstwhile Michelle started having mild contractions connected Dec. 4. The program was to caput consecutive to the Rooks County Hospital successful Plainville successful a household friend’s pickup.

Within minutes of leaving her location successful Ellis, Michelle’s h2o broke portion connected I-70. Aminda Brunner, who was driving, pulled implicit and called 911, but Baby Miles was determined to beryllium born. On I-70, conscionable eastbound of the Exit 153 motion heading eastbound towards Hays, is wherever helium would travel into this world.

As for dad? He thought helium was being pranked.

“My sister and I some were like, they’re playing a YouTube video oregon thing successful the inheritance due to the fact that it was soundless for a small spot different than a small spot of crying successful the background. And past erstwhile Aminda got connected and the panic successful her voice, it was like, ‘Oh no! We gotta go.’” Recalls Beau.

“Never successful my wildest dreams would I person ever imagined,” said Aminda. “You cognize delivering my champion friend’s baby, fto unsocial connected I-70 successful my truck.”

Miles’ grandmother, Lori Graham, said she inactive can’t judge it.

“When you deliberation backmost of it, you just, it just, successful disbelief that your grandbaby was calved connected the broadside of the interstate,” she said.

The household says aft Michelle and Miles are some steadfast and doing well.

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