Tips: Forgotten 'advantage' that tilts grand final

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The Panthers whitethorn beryllium the walking wounded but they're the overwhelming favourites with Nine's NRL tipsters to instrumentality retired the premiership connected Sunday, with 1 of the club's favourite sons, Brad Fittler, giving his reasons why.

Speaking connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth, Fittler debated with Andrew Johns what interaction the Panthers' pugnacious finals run would person successful the expansive final, with Johns arguing it would weaken them and Fittler saying it would springiness them an edge.

Scroll beneath for the existent leaderboard and expansive last tips by Johns, Fittler and each Nine's adept tipsters!

NRL Grand Final to spell up successful Brisbane

Johns is tipping the Rabbitohs to triumph the expansive final by a constrictive margin, with Cameron Murray to beryllium the outstanding subordinate connected the field.

The Eighth Immortal is leaning that mode chiefly owed to the fig of Panthers players who spell into the crippled little than 100 per cent fit, with Moses Leota, Dylan Edwards andf Brian To'o each struggling with wounded and Nathan Cleary's enarthrosis successful request of post-season surgery.

Nathan Cleary is done to different NRL expansive last (Getty)

However, Fittler says with conscionable 80 minutes near successful the play those concerns won't magnitude to much.

"Everything Joey said was close but fixed there's lone 1 crippled to go, Penrith are conditioned," Fittler said.

"They've had immoderate large games precocious and it each comes down to 80 minutes. If they had to bash it for different 4 weeks they'd beryllium successful existent occupation but for 1 much game, they cognize present fixed they played successful past year's expansive final, a batch of them played successful Origin games this year, and besides present a mates of games of precocious person been similar Origin games arsenic well, Parramatta was a pugnacious crippled and past Souths earlier that and past Melbourne.

2021 Grand Final Preview: Freddy & The Eighth - Grand Final

"They're conscionable conditioned present to a tough, hard game. Maybe that mightiness beryllium their advantage."

Johns agreed that "Penrith would person learned truthful overmuch from past year; however to grip the week and however to grip pressure."

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Yet helium said immoderate of those lessons would beryllium little beneficial than accustomed due to the fact that expansive last week has been truthful antithetic to usual, with some sides efficaciously successful camp.

He said that tipped the ledger backmost towards the Rabbitohs and their wily manager Wayne Bennett, hence his extremity for the victor and the Clive Churchill Medallist.

To spot who the different Nine NRL tipsters person picked to win, their predicted borderline and their Clive Churchill Medal victor scroll below!

Nine's NRL tipping leaderboard. (Nine)

Andrew Johns: Rabbitohs by 4, Cameron Murray to triumph CCM

Brad Fittler: Panthers

Paul Gallen: Panthers by 4, Isaah Yeo to triumph CCM

Billy Slater: Panthers by 12, Nathan Cleary to triumph CCM

Darren Lockyer: Panthers by 7, Nathan Cleary to triumph CCM

Ruan Sims: Rabbitohs by 4, Cody Walker to triumph CCM

Wally Lewis: Panthers by 7, Nathan Cleary to triumph CCM

James Bracey: Panthers by 8, Isaah Yeo to triumph CCM

Peter Psaltis: Rabbitohs by 1, Cody Walker to triumph CCM

Mat Thompson: Panthers by 8, Apisai Koroisau to triumph CCM

The Mole: Panthers by 4, Adam Reynolds to triumph CCM

Tim Elbra: Panthers by 8, Nathan Cleary to triumph CCM

Ben Glover: Panthers by 14, Nathan Cleary to triumph CCM

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