Tech professionals make up to 85% more than state averages in other industries

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Silicon Valley is simply a large spot to gain apical dollar, but getting your money's worthy retired of your wage whitethorn marque you look successful locations that aren't considered apical tech hubs.


A ranking of states based connected highest mean tech manufacture salary.

Image: is reporting that tech professionals marque anyplace from 20% to 85% much than the mean wage successful their states, meaning mean tech nonrecreational wage ranges from $32 to $58 an hour. 

By compiling information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics connected jobs the Bureau considers machine oregon mathematical occupations, unit writer Trevor Wheelwright reported, the highest paying states for tech workers (shown above) travel retired unsurprisingly: Washington authorities tops the list, followed by California, Washington, D.C., Virginia and Massachusetts. Job density and precocious yearly median wage successful those areas are immoderate of the superior reasons those states ranked astatine the top. 

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The apical metro areas by wage mostly travel that trend, with San Jose, California, tech workers earning 507% much than the mean country salary, San Luis Obispo, California, tech pros earning 229%, Punta Gorda, Florida, tech workers earning 213%, Seattle technologists earring 176%, and Boston's tech manufacture professionals earring 167% much than the mean wage successful the city. 

Keeping successful caput that defined tech professionals based connected the BLS's explanation of "computer oregon mathematical occupations," the top-earning tech professionals were really actuaries, who gain an mean wage of $123,180. In 2nd spot were machine web architects, who mean $119,230, followed by bundle developers and bundle QA analysts and testers, who gain $114,270 connected average. At the bottommost of the database (ranked 15th) were idiosyncratic enactment specialists, who inactive reported mean salaries of $57,000. 

One of the astir absorbing sets of statistic successful the study is its database of state-by-state net arsenic a percent much that tech professionals gain compared with the wide mean wage for the peculiar state. Consider this database a rundown of wherever a tech wage volition spell further, careless of however it compares to salaries successful different states. 

Topping the database of tech net by percent implicit mean salaries was Alabama, wherever the mean wage for a tech nonrecreational is $86,720, compared with the mean wage successful the authorities of $46, 840. That's a whopping 85% much connected mean for a tech manufacture employee. 

In 2nd spot is Washington authorities with an 83% difference, North Carolina with 80%, followed by Texas (79%), Virginia (78%), California (78%), Georgia (76%), Delaware (75%), Mississippi (72%) and Ohio (67%). 

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Washington, D.C., holds the bottommost spot, with tech professionals earning a batch of wealth (third successful the federation overall), but lone 20% much than the country average. Wyoming (32%), Alaska (35%), North Dakota (37%) and Hawaii (44%) marque up the remainder of the lowest five. It's worthy noting that successful nary of those states bash tech professionals gain little than the mean salary. "Regardless of what benignant of enactment you bash oregon wherever you extremity up successful the tech field, you tin expect precocious salaries and ongoing occupation request successful the future," Wheelwright said. 

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