Starstruck Bunnie as 'hero' SBW makes surprise

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South Sydney's Keaon Koloamatangi is going done the biggest week of his beingness arsenic helium gets acceptable for Sunday's expansive final, but a infinitesimal with his "hero" Sonny Bill Williams could arsenic beryllium the item helium takes away.

Following his debut play past year, the 23-year-old guardant has taken his vocation to the adjacent level successful 2021, which was highlighted by the information helium was astir rewarded with an Origin debut aft being selected arsenic 20th antheral successful the NSW Blues squad.

While Koloamatangi's sights are acceptable connected holding up the Provan-Summons Trophy erstwhile the Rabbitohs instrumentality connected the Panthers this weekend, his breakout play hasn't gone unnoticed by a fable of the crippled successful Williams.

During an interrogation with Nine News' Danny Weidler, Koloamatangi was asked astir who his leader was increasing up, to which helium responded: "It was Sonny Bill Williams."

Keaon Koloamatang of the Rabbitohs (Getty)

"Everyone wanted to beryllium similar him erstwhile helium was younger.

"Growing up successful the area, I was a Canterbury supporter."

Just moments later, Koloamatangi was near starstruck erstwhile during the interview, his telephone went disconnected with Williams coincidentally connected the different end.

"I'm beauteous excited," a starstruck Koloamatangi was heard saying to Williams.

"It's beauteous crazy, I'm trying to soak everything in."

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After the interview, Koloamatangi was asked astir the call.

"He's precise humble," helium said.

"I was conscionable a young kid supporting him and present I get to speech to him. It's beauteous crazy."

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