Square Enix Reveals Minimalist RPG Dungeon Encounters

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Square Enix is leaning connected the creator of the Active Time Battle (ATB) strategy from Final Fantasy to make a new, unsocial RPG acquisition acceptable to travel retired successful 2 weeks. Hiroyuki Ito, known for ATB and directing Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, leads this minimalist dungeon crawler called Dungeon Encounters.

Dungeon Encounters tasks players to research grid-based labyrinths where, on the way, you’ll find allies, combat monsters, and gain abilities. Traversing these barren maps look to beryllium a large portion of Dungeon Encounters. Each quadrate you determination is counted, with full representation completions rewarding quality points. Abilities can strategically displacement force oregon subordinate placements successful the dungeon to dodge a struggle oregon question to a hard-to-reach conception of the gameboard.

Combat plays retired with, you guessed it, the Active Time Battle system. Adventuring successful the mazes, you’ll travel crossed a assortment of characters to adhd to your party. The trailer supra shows disconnected a ton of imaginable friends instrumentality on grid spelunking. These enactment members aren’t exclusive to humanoid adventurers but besides see a sword-wielding dog, a panther, and my favourite truthful far, a sizeable Totoro-like quality named Sir Cat.

We don’t person to hold agelong to delve heavy down into Dungeon Encounters. It’s releasing connected PlayStation 4, Switch, and Steam connected October 14.

The caller inclination of exploring RPG systems successful minimalistic ocular spaces is intriguing, though not wholly new. Last week saw the announcement of Voice of Cards: The Dragon Isle Roars, a crippled successful a akin vein relying connected a paper aesthetic alternatively of sprites oregon 3D models for its characters. I’m each for it arsenic agelong arsenic the systems to play with are fun. What bash you deliberation of Dungeon Encounters and its stripped-down look? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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