Premiership-winning Panther to join rival club

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Panthers centre Paul Momirovski volition alteration NRL clubs for the 5th clip successful arsenic galore years aft reportedly signing connected with the Roosters connected a three-year deal.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting Momirovski, contempt being nether declaration for 1 much play astatine Penrith, volition enactment pen to insubstantial connected a three-year woody worthy successful excess of $300,000 per season.

It's understood the last twelvemonth of Momirovski's Panthers declaration was worthy adjacent to $200,000.

The study claims that aft the 25-year-old's cause precocious approached the nine for support to negociate with rivals, Penrith said it wouldn't basal successful the centre's mode if a lucrative connection presented itself.

Penrith volition assistance Momirovski a merchandise from the last twelvemonth of his deal.

Paul Momirovski successful enactment for the Panthers. (Getty)

The Warriors, Sharks and Sea Eagles were besides said to person shown involvement earlier the premiership victor opted to instrumentality to the nine wherever helium made his NRL debut successful 2018.

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Momirovski joined the Panthers this twelvemonth aft spending past play with the Storm portion connected indebtedness from the Tigers.

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