NRL 'disappointed' with Penrith's celebrations

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NRL CEO Andrew Abdo has confirmed the league has spoken to members of the Penrith Panthers, declaring immoderate of the club's expansive last celebrations "disappointing".

In the aftermath of Penrith's triumph implicit the Rabbitohs, a fig of incidents person taken attraction distant from the premiership triumph.

The NRL's integrity portion is presently investigating respective matters.

Penrith's Tyrone May was heavy criticised for a controversial societal media station that referenced his enactment portion scandal, portion helium besides recovered himself, alongside superstar Nathan Cleary, answering questions surrounding an alleged borderline breach from a radical who the duo was acquainted with.

Penrith observe their expansive last triumph (Getty)

The Panthers were besides probed by the NRL aft the iconic Provan-Summons trophy was severely damaged and sent backmost to Sydney for repairs. The breached trophy trended connected societal media aft it was placed successful a pram.

Abdo didn't notation immoderate incidental successful particular, but confirmed the NRL had "spoken to the club".

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"That's portion of the data-gathering process, portion of our investigation. I'm not going to accidental what we person spoken about, but of people we talk to the nine and the players involved," helium said.

"I'm not going to remark connected specifics present due to the fact that we're successful the mediate of looking astatine each of these instances. I'm looking to wrapper that up quickly, hopefully this week.

NRL to investigate the Panthers over damaged Provan-Summons trophy

"But immoderate clip we're successful the quality for the incorrect reasons is disappointing for us.

"Some of the actions are disappointing, we present request to find whether they are a breach of the rules. If they are, we volition instrumentality due action.

"Clearly they are not the headlines we privation pursuing what was a magnificent expansive final."

The CEO said it was important players understood however the crippled was portrayed crossed each media platforms.

"There are 2 things here: 1 is if your actions are a wide breach of the rules oregon not successful enactment with the standards, careless of whether that is connected societal media oregon not, we request to woody with that," helium said.

"The 2nd is however that gets played retired publicly. Even if radical are not breaking the rules necessarily, but are posting accusation that is violative to immoderate radical oregon tin beryllium perceived to beryllium violative oregon disrespectful to immoderate people, that's not bully for america from an inclusion perspective, that's not bully for america from a marque and reputational perspective.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo (Getty)

"There are 2 elements; person they broke the rules and person they caused harm to the crippled much broadly?

"Even if we don't instrumentality enactment connected each matter, I deliberation there's a learning and an accidental to enactment with everyone, players and clubs and the crippled connected however we privation to presumption the game, what we deliberation is the close mode for that to beryllium positioned connected societal media and different platforms."

Penrith large Greg Alexander admitted helium was acrophobic aft a fig of incidents played retired connected societal media.

"There person been a mates of societal media things that haven't impressed me," Alexander said.

"I deliberation a mates of our players request to propulsion their heads successful aft what they've posted connected societal media."

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