Niger: Climate change is another pandemic with devastating effects

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Hassoumi Massoudou highlighted that his state and portion are suffering recurrent droughts and flooding, arsenic good arsenic locust infestations and the yearly nonaccomplishment of thousands of hectares of cultivation onshore due to degradation.

Citing caller words of President Mohamed Bazoum, helium said that to triumph the combat against clime change, the satellite needed much governmental will.

“It is the anticipation of Niger that COP26 successful Glasgow volition service arsenic a model to reaffirm governmental volition to conflict the effects of clime change”, helium said, noting that immoderate of the large hurdles see concern and exertion transportation for processing countries.

Climate and conflict

As a existent non-permanent subordinate of the UN Security Council, the Foreign Minister noted that his federation is co-chairing with Ireland an adept radical that aims to follow a solution regarding the clime crisis.

“It is our condemnation that fragility linked to climate alteration is an aggravating origin successful conflicts and humanitarian crises”, helium said.

Mr. Massoudou added that Niger understood this correlation intelligibly since it presently finds itself surrounded by “hotbeds of instability” and facing the attacks of “terrorist hordes”.

He said, however, that contempt the size of their state and the deficiency of resources, Niger has shown itself to beryllium resilient by safeguarding its territorial integrity and stability.

This was owed to the foresight of Niger’s Government, the courageousness and determination of its Defense and Security Forces and the invaluable enactment of bilateral partners specified arsenic multilateral organizations, helium explained, extending “sincere thanks” for specified efforts.

Return of displaced communities

The Foreign Minister besides informed the Assembly that arsenic portion of a aviator programme past June, Niger had been capable to instrumentality astir 6,000 radical to their homes aft 6 years of displacement.

“We besides purpose to yet repatriate astir 130,000 displaced radical from Diffa to Borno authorities successful Nigeria”, helium stated.

Mr. Massoudou said his Government remains convinced that terrorism and organized transgression are the consequences of different ongoing challenges that indispensable beryllium overcome, particularly poorness and inequality.

“It is not lone subject actions that volition let america to definitively decision terrorism, but besides our quality to instrumentality improvement programmes and conscionable the indispensable needs of our populations”, helium emphasized.

A turning constituent for democracy

The Foreign Minister said that portion 2021 continues to beryllium shadowed by COVID-19, the twelvemonth has been a turning constituent for the consolidation of ideology successful his country.

“Niger was capable to win successful the archetypal peaceful governmental transportation of powerfulness from 1 elected president to another”, helium explained.

Finally, Mr. Massoudou called connected the planetary assemblage to amusement the aforesaid disposition it had successful the combat against COVID-19 to tackle different challenges specified arsenic clime change, “another pandemic with devastating effects”.

“In Niger, we judge that our committedness to the defence of ideals of the [UN] Charter and the values of peace, solidarity that it embodies, volition let america to transportation retired this combat successful bid to physique a satellite of peace, justice, and prosperity”, helium concluded.

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