New NRL team's name cops immediate backlash

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The Dolphins are celebrating winning the licence to beryllium the NRL's 17th team.

But arsenic the champagne bottles pop, galore rugby league fans are asking a superior question - wherever has "Redcliffe" gone?

The Redcliffe Dolphins person dropped the geographical portion of the moniker and so, astatine this signifier astatine least, volition participate the NRL contention successful 2023 known officially arsenic the Dolphins.

They would beryllium 1 of lone 2 teams successful the league not tied to a circumstantial metropolis oregon area. The Warriors dropped "New Zealand" from their sanction a fewer years ago, contempt being based successful Auckland.

The Dolphins are based astatine Redcliffe, northbound of Brisbane, but the NRL squad volition not beryllium tied specifically to that country via their name.

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"It's the Dolphins. I'm definite they volition beryllium capable to supply a spot much item connected their reasoning and their strategy, but that's what we decided together," NRL brag Andrew Abdo said of the determination to axe Redcliffe from the name.

"Historically that's been a determination made by idiosyncratic clubs, but for america it made consciousness to beryllium the Dolphins.

NRL CEO connected wherefore the codification is welcoming caller team

"We're talking present not conscionable astir the greater Brisbane area, but we're talking astir bluish Brisbane, we're talking astir Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast.

"They had a co-affiliation with 2 clubs, but they are besides talking astir Central Queensland Capras, and different broader affiliations, and there's besides plans successful the works to sermon what the pistillate pathway looks like.

"So there's a wide fig of considerations. What we spot successful our probe is radical are incredibly receptive to a metropolis rivalry.

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"Here we've got the champion of some worlds – we're going to person a precise important rivalry present with the Broncos… much importantly we present person genuinely 4 Queensland teams, that opens up 12 rivalry matches for us, that opens up an accidental for rivalry with the Titans and Cowboys, not conscionable the Broncos.

"Being capable to seizure the inner-city rivalry, but besides to entreaty to a overmuch broader base, is the champion of some worlds, and that's wherefore the Dolphins arsenic the sanction is much appropriate."

NRL admits Dolphins arsenic 17th team

Dolphins president Bob Jones was aboriginal asked astir the issue.

He says the Dolphins whitethorn yet alteration their sanction to bespeak 1 metropolis oregon area.

"The colours volition beryllium our accepted colours, reddish and white. Our sanction volition surely beryllium the Dolphins, we've ever been the Dolphins. What we enactment earlier oregon aft it is unfastened for discussion, that hasn't been decided yet," Jones said.

"The Dolphins we're truly committed to. Every Sydney team, and the Storm, everyone shortens them to what their marque is basically, and we'll beryllium the same.

"We'll beryllium the Dolphins, truthful that's our sanction astatine the moment."

Many rugby league pundits, however, weren't impressed with the quality of the Dolphins.

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