New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Details Revealed At TGS 2021

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Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show presumption this greeting was each astir Monster Hunter, showcasing new additions coming to existing games similar Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Monster Hunter Rise. However, each eyes were connected the important enlargement for Rise adjacent summer, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The Sunbreak conception introduced america to Director Yoshitake Suzuki, who has been simultaneously starring the improvement of the upcoming enlargement and the updates for Rise since release. He introduced the caller enigma monster from the Sunbreak trailer arsenic a caller Elder Dragon called Malzeno, but that’s each the accusation the devs were consenting to spill connected the headlining wyvern.

We were besides treated with further accusation connected Sunbreak and what players tin expect erstwhile venturing into its content. Suzuki confirmed Sunbreak volition bring Master Rank hunts to the game, giving hunters their astir daunting challenges yet. After completing the last Hunter Rank 7 communicative mission, Players volition permission the cozy colony from Rise and embark connected a travel to a caller hub area. We don’t cognize overmuch astir this caller base, but Suzuki promises the squad volition stock much accusation successful the coming months.

One of Sunbreak’s hunting locations volition beryllium the moonlit castle area, which debuted successful the announcement trailer during past week’s Nintendo Direct. At nighttime the entity and crumbling, abandoned gothic architecture successful this country are painted with an ominous reddish moonlight. As for different monsters you’ll person to contend with connected your mode done Master Rank, the elephantine crab beast Shogun Seanataur is making its long-awaited return to the mainline series. Introduced initially backmost successful Monster Hunter 2, this Carapaceon monster wears a elephantine skull connected its backmost for extortion and uses its long, crisp pincers arsenic deadly weapons. Sunbreak volition person galore returning monsters, but those announcements volition person to hold for different day.

Those looking to effort retired the basal mentation of Rise connected Switch person plentifulness of clip to bash truthful earlier Sunbreak releases successful 2022. During the presentation, it was announced Rise will make its PC debut successful January, with a demo coming successful a fewer abbreviated weeks.

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