More than 40 children with non-Haitian passports deported to Haiti: IOM

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(CNN)Dozens of children with non-Haitian passports person been sent to Haiti arsenic portion of the US government's monolithic deportation cognition this week, according to the International Organization for Migration.

As of Wednesday, the latest figures available, a full of 1,424 deportees from the US had arrived connected 12 flights successful Haiti, according to Giuseppe Loprete, main of ngo for the IOM, which is helping process the caller arrivals.

More than 170 of them are children, of which astatine slightest 41 clasp overseas citizenship, helium said. Although their parents whitethorn beryllium Haitian nationals, astatine slightest 30 children person Chilean passports, 9 person Brazilian passports and 2 person Venezuelan passports, helium added.

    A constabulary  serviceman  tries to artifact  Haitians deported from the United States from boarding the aforesaid  level   they were deported on, successful  an effort  to instrumentality    to the United States, connected  the tarmac of the Toussaint Louverture airport, successful  Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

    "The kids were calved successful those countries, they talk Spanish precise well," Loprete said, who added that IOM would liaise with Haiti's Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad astir them.

      Asked what would hap to those children, Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph told CNN, "We are asking for solidarity successful the region. I spoke my ambassador successful Brazil and she said that the Brazilians are consenting to judge them backmost with their families."

      He added that helium intends to talk with different determination governments whose citizens are among the deportees.

      Chile's migration authorization told CNN Thursday that children calved successful the state oregon with imperishable residency would beryllium welcomed back.

      Brazil's Foreign Ministry said it had "not been notified, truthful far, astir the reported issue" but that consular assistance would beryllium provided for Brazilian citizens.

      CNN has reached retired to migration authorities successful Venezuela.

      The US Department of Homeland Security has been ramping up deportation flights to Haiti, arsenic the Biden medication grapples with an influx of thousands of migrants, galore of whom are Haitian, astatine the US-Mexico borderline successful Del Rio, Texas.

      Special envoy for Haiti resigns citing 'inhumane' US determination  to deport thousands of Haitians from US border

      On Thursday, Daniel Foote, the US peculiar envoy for Haiti, resigned from his station successful protest implicit the deportations. In a letter, helium said helium would "not beryllium associated with the United States inhumane, counterproductive determination to deport thousands of Haitian refugees," citing ongoing humanitarian crises successful the impoverished Caribbean nation.

      Haiti is inactive reeling from the governmental fallout of its president's assassination this summer, and a 7.2 magnitude earthquake successful August that near implicit 2,000 radical dead. Capital metropolis Port-au-Prince -- wherever galore migrants are arriving -- is plagued with convulsive crime, arson and kidnappings for profit.

      According to UNICEF, two retired of 3 Haitian migrants who person been returned from the United States border to Port-au-Prince are women and children, including newborn babies with circumstantial needs.

      "When children and families are sent backmost without capable protection, they find themselves adjacent much susceptible to violence, poorness and displacement -- factors that drove them to migrate successful the archetypal place," Henrietta Fore, enforcement manager of the children's agency, said successful a statement.

      They 'told america not to fight'

      Eddy, a deportee who preferred not to springiness his surname, described his deportation to CNN earlier this week aft trekking crossed 11 countries to scope the US from Chile.

      "When we arrived successful the USA, they enactment america connected a bus," helium said. "They enactment chains connected our feet, astir our stomachs and connected our hands. They enactment america successful cars and took america to the airport. There were Haitians connected the level who told america not to combat due to the fact that determination were galore soldiers connected the plane."

      Once deportees arrive, they are tested for Covid-19, handed basal provisions, and dropped disconnected astatine a cardinal autobus presumption successful superior metropolis Port-au-Prince, according to Loprete. Those who affirmative cases are taken into quarantine by the Haitian Ministry of Health.

      As of yesterday, 3 deportees had tested affirmative for Covid-19, helium said.

      Haiti's authorities has been successful turmoil since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise this summer. The state has inactive not appointed an interim president, nor has the interim authorities -- tally by Prime Minister Ariel Henry -- held long-awaited nationalist elections this period arsenic primitively planned.

      As much and much would-be migrants are sent backmost to the troubled country, IOM is helping section officials "scale up" reception operations. They presently person the capableness to person 3 flights of deportees per time astatine Haiti's main planetary airdrome successful Port-au-Prince, Loprete said.

      Under unit from the sheer fig of radical arriving, they've started receiving an further 3 flights per time of deportees successful the bluish metropolis of Cap-Haitien, too.

        "The flights are back-to-back. We had 4 flights 1 time (in Port-au-Prince) and it was precise challenging. We've said that we cannot grip flights aft 2 p.m., 3 p.m. maximum, owed to the information risks successful Port-au-Prince, particularly astatine night," helium said.

        There is nary question that the monolithic deportation cognition is simply a strain for Haiti's government, says Loprete. "This would beryllium a situation for immoderate government, handling six flights a time backmost to back."

        CNN's Rosa Flores successful Del Rio, Priscilla Alvarez successful Washington, Stefano Pozzebon successful Bogota, and Pierre Bairin and Melissa Bell successful Port-au-Prince contributed to this story.

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