Legend reveals truth about cheeky conversion tactics

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Last week Nathan Cleary sparked contention which prompted an NRL crackdown aft it was shown his conversion footwear was not taken successful enactment from wherever Brian To'o's effort was scored successful the corner.

Cleary's conversion effort was missed, but the information that helium took it respective metres wrong the sideline - alternatively of conscionable a metre wrong interaction arsenic helium should person - led to immoderate scrutiny from NRL caput of shot Graham Annesley.

"It was a nonaccomplishment of process much than thing else," Annesley said, portion besides admitting the 2nd fractional incidental thankfully didn't impact the 10-6 result of the game.

"The referees did not travel a process that resulted successful the footwear being taken from the close position.

Nathan Cleary takes a conversion (Nine)

"I deliberation that it's thing that hasn't had the indispensable level of attraction that it should have. It's a precise important facet evidently of scoring successful our game. We each cognize conversions are taken successful enactment with wherever the effort is scored, truthful it's important that that's right."

"The 1 happening I tin perfectly guarantee you of is that that process has been rectified already contiguous and we won't spot an occurrence of that benignant of incidental successful the expansive final," helium added.

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But it seems that Cleary's cheeky actions are thing caller successful rugby league.

Eighth Immortal Andrew Johns revealed that adjacent a goal-kicking fable taught him a happening oregon 2 astir bending the rules erstwhile it came to conversions.

"When you score, aft everyone celebrates and slaps each different connected the backside which is large for 5 seconds, the linesman would basal successful enactment of wherever you scored, truthful you'd enactment up with the linesman and acceptable up," Johns began connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy & The Eighth.

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"What I utilized to bash was, my kicking manager astatine the clip was Daryl Halligan, and helium said erstwhile you acceptable it down and the linesman goes away, prime up your tee and conscionable determination it guardant a foot.

"Because you ne'er know, that ft could truly beryllium the quality betwixt you hitting the station and hitting the station and it going in.

"His doctrine - deliberation of the close ft kicker from the left-hand broadside wherever it's the astir favoured broadside to curl it successful - your people was astir a metre wrong the close station which gave you immoderate insurance.

"His proposal was ne'er ever hook the shot to the left. If you're going to miss it, astatine slightest enactment it retired to the right.

"Sometimes erstwhile you've got the tee [a foot] further in, sometimes it paid off."

Despite openly admitting helium had done the aforesaid arsenic Cleary, Johns and chap Blues large Brad Fittler besides didn't deliberation it was a large woody what the Panthers prima did against the Storm.

"Really, who cares," Johns said.

"[Cleary] missed. At the extremity of the day, helium missed," Fittler said .

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