How to quickly insert contact information into a Word document

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When you request to insert interaction accusation that's successful Outlook's Address Book into a Word document, adhd the Address Book to Microsoft Word!

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Lots of Microsoft Word documents incorporate interaction information—at the precise least, a sanction and address. If that interaction accusation is successful Outlook, you tin prevention yourself a spot of occupation by utilizing Outlook's Address Book wrong Word to participate the sanction and address. You mightiness request to format the inserted accusation successful immoderate way, but you won't person to look the accusation up, constitute it down connected a sticky note, and past manually benignant it into the Word document. Using the Address Book besides eliminates the anticipation of typos (unless of people the interaction accusation successful Outlook contains a typo). In this article, I'll amusement you however to adhd the Address Book to Word's Quick Access Toolbar truthful you tin rapidly adhd interaction accusation into a Word document.

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I'm utilizing Microsoft 365, but you tin usage earlier versions. You indispensable person interaction accusation stored successful Outlook 365 (or earlier) for this method to work. It isn't supported by Word Online. There's nary objection file; you won't request one.

About Outlook's Address Book

If you usage Outlook, you're astir apt acquainted with the Address Book. It's easy accessible, and a speedy click provides instant entree to interaction information. It makes consciousness to person that accusation rapidly disposable successful Outlook. After all, it's a message app. I've often thought that speedy entree to addresses should beryllium disposable successful Word due to the fact that a batch of Word documents volition see interaction names and their addresses. Unfortunately, the Address Book isn't disposable successful Word, not arsenic a built-in feature. However, you tin adhd it.

This method requires immoderate clarification up beforehand to debar aboriginal frustration. Specifically, this method inserts lone interaction names and mailing addresses. 

How to adhd the Outlook Address Book to Word

There's nary built-in entree to Outlook's Address Book from wrong Word, but you tin adhd it to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Doing truthful is easy:

  1. Click the QAT''s dropdown arrow (to the right) and take More Commands from the dropdown list.
  2. From the Choose Commands From dropdown, take Commands Not In The Ribbon.
  3. From the resulting bid list, prime Address Book.
  4. Click Add (in the mediate of the 2 lists) to adhd it to the QAT, arsenic shown successful Figure A. Adding this enactment to the QAT adds it for each documents unless you adhd it to a template.

Figure A


  Add the Address Book diagnostic to the QAT.

With the Address Book enactment present disposable successful Word, let's effort it out.

How to usage the Address Book enactment successful Word

At this point, you person an Address Book icon connected the QAT. To participate a interaction (from the Address Book) into the Word document, first, presumption the cursor wherever you privation to insert that information. Then, click the Address Book icon to unfastened Outlook's Address Book. Choose a sanction and click OK to adhd that contact's information. Or participate a sanction oregon a partial sanction to find the close contact, arsenic shown successful Figure B and click OK. As you tin spot successful Figure C, the Address Book added lone the contact's name, and that's astir apt not each that helpful. What you're astir apt aft is the contact's address.

Figure B


  Find the interaction successful the Address Book.

Figure C


  The Address Book entered lone the contact's name.

If you're affirmative you added the code for Susan Sales Harkins, you mightiness beryllium confused. To troubleshoot, unfastened Outlook and reappraisal the accusation for this contact. Figure D confirms it—the code is there! So wherefore doesn't the Address Book enactment successful Word see it?

Figure D


  Outlook's Address Book lone adds the contact's sanction due to the fact that the mailing code enactment isn't checked. 

Do you spot the This Is The Mailing Address enactment adjacent to the address? It isn't checked and that's wherefore the Address Book didn't insert the code successful the Word document. Check it, click Close & Save, and instrumentality to Word.

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Try to participate the interaction accusation for Susan Sales Harkins again. After checking that 1 option, the diagnostic present works arsenic expected. As you tin spot successful Figure E, utilizing the Address Book from wrong Word present includes the contact's address.

Figure E


  Be definite to cheque the mailing code enactment if you privation to insert an code for the contact. 

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