House Progressives Vow To Deliver President Biden’s Agenda

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Progressive Caucus Chair, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) that progressives are consenting to negociate with the moderates and present President Biden’s agenda.

Video of Rep. Jayapal:

Progressive Caucus Chair Jayapal, "We are capable to bash immoderate we tin to present the entirety of the president's agenda." The progressives are being tenable and are consenting to negociate connected a last fig with the moderates that are 4% of the caucus.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 30, 2021

Rep. Jayapal told reporters, “We are capable to bash immoderate we can to present the entirety of the president’s agenda. We volition enactment present until we get this done. We volition enactment 24 hours, eat pizza each night. You’ll beryllium sick of each of america at the extremity of it. “

Jayapal besides said that progressives are consenting to negotiate, “don’t person a number. I don’t person a number. That’s what helium tells you. But that’s not what ultimately will beryllium the package. I don’t person an connection successful front of me. My fig is 3.5. Our fig is 3.5. Somebody has a antithetic offer, then they tin enactment it connected the table. You don’t negociate against yourself. If you spell to bargain a house, you don’t enactment down an connection and before an connection has been enactment on the array accidental okay, I’m willing to spell down different 100,000. Has anybody done that? I don’t deliberation so. That’s not however we negotiate.  We person said you don’t similar this? You are 4%. Just privation to beryllium clear. 4% don’t similar it. We recognize we person to come to the table. So you archer america what you want úand we volition fig retired whether or not we tin get there. “

The Media Is Getting It Wrong On The Reconciliation Bill Coverage

The holdup isn’t a standoff betwixt progressives and moderates. It is Manchin and Sinema successful the Senate holding up an docket that 96% of Democrats successful Congress support.

It is Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and the progressives versus Manchin and Sinema. This isn’t immoderate large part wrong the Democratic Party. It is simply a mates of Senators slowing everything down due to the fact that they privation something.

Sen. Manchin supports galore pieces of the reconciliation bill, and has besides shown a willingness to negociate with the progressives. Manchin is apt to get connected committee astatine immoderate point. No 1 is definite wherever Sinema stands, but unless she wants a superior challenge, she had champion not deliberation astir sinking the Biden agenda.

It looks similar Democrats enactment and the progressives volition present a deal. It whitethorn not beryllium connected the docket that enactment orginally wanted, but if 1 squints, a way to occurrence is visible.

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