God of War: Ragnarok Delay May Have Been Due To Actor's Surgery

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God of War: Ragnarok is 1 of Sony's astir anticipated releases. The sequel to the 2018's megahit was initially teased astir a twelvemonth ago, and we initially expected Ragnarok to merchandise sometime this year. However, successful June, Sony confirmed that the rubric was getting pushed to 2022. Several factors apt led to this delay, but Kratos' dependable histrion Christopher Judge precocious took to Twitter claiming responsibility. 




In reality, it's hard to accidental that Judge was wholly liable for Ragnarok's delay. Voice actors don't cognize each item successful a game's accumulation pipeline, and factors specified arsenic the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic besides apt played a portion successful Sony's rescheduling. Even so, it's absorbing to perceive Judge's position connected the matter. We're gladsome to perceive that he's doing amended these days. The histrion brought a batch to Kratos' personality, and we're blessed that he'll beryllium returning for Ragnarok. 

For much connected God of War: Ragnarok, beryllium definite to work our caller interrogation with manager Eric Williams, wherever helium talks astir his vision for Thor and how not having kids affects his wide plan for the characters. Regarding Thor, Williams said, "Marvel's mentation of him is 1 thing. It's interesting. We wanted to, you know, spell a small deeper into the mythology itself," Williams says astir Thor having a burlier assemblage type. Being godly is each astir presence, and portion this mentation of Thor doesn't look similar a sculpted underwear model, his traits of powerfulness and strength are nary little effective. Williams besides talks astir radical helium knows successful existent beingness with a bigger stature and however that translates into Thor: "They person a beingness immediately. And it's not ever due to the fact that of muscles. They're conscionable similar that is simply a partition of a quality being, you know. So this is simply a partition of a God, you know, and that's wherefore it was precise important."

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