France focuses on responsibility and solidarity in the face of global challenges

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“We person a corporate work successful maintaining planetary bid and security.  We person a shared work successful tackling today’s large challenges and we person a work to individually each uphold the values that unite us,” helium said successful a pre-recorded message.

“For France, this is what this historical play of turbulence that we're experiencing calls for. We indispensable each emergence to the challenge.”

Summit for Security Council ‘P5’

Despite caller attacks, the foundations of the multilateral strategy person stood sound, helium said, though informing against rising risks specified arsenic “more intense” powerfulness games and the reemergence of “bloc mentalities”.

France is 1 of 5 imperishable members of the UN Security Council, alongside China, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Mr. Le Drian said his state is calling for a “P5 summit” to found a associated enactment programme “to alteration the Security Council to afloat workout its mandate and to embark upon a dialog connected the cardinal issues of arms power and our corporate security.”

Humanitarian work successful Afghanistan

Turning to immoderate of the world’s hotspots, helium underlined the work to supply humanitarian assistance to the radical of Afghanistan.

“And it is successful our communal involvement to person wide governmental and information requirements with respect to the authorities successful Kabul: each ties with violent organizations indispensable beryllium severed,” helium said, speaking done an interpreter.

Furthermore, the combat against the coercion menace successful Western Asia and the Sahel portion successful Africa indispensable besides continue, portion the planetary assemblage “must beryllium perfectly unequivocal” connected Iran’s atomic programme.

“Iran cannot beryllium allowed to deliberation immoderate longer that clip is connected its broadside due to the fact that the much unsafe its atomic programme becomes, the greater the hazard of a large crisis,” said Mr. Le Drian.

“France volition bash everything it perchance tin to promote dialogue, but the lone imaginable mode guardant remains an agreement, making it imaginable to found that Iran is erstwhile again upholding its obligations.  It is truthful indispensable that negotiations resume precise quickly.”

Close the ‘vaccine divide’

On the pandemic, Mr. Le Drian stressed that the “vaccine divide” cannot beryllium allowed to widen further.  He added that France volition proceed to enactment with partners, particularly those successful Africa, noting that “our committedness to supply 60 cardinal doses volition beryllium achieved by the extremity of the year.”

He besides highlighted the request for planetary solidarity, including connected the contented of economical recovery.

While G20 nations person established a indebtedness work suspension initiative, they indispensable spell further, helium said. This includes ensuring swift allocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), a benignant of overseas reserve plus developed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to countries that request them most.  He said France is acceptable to transportation 20 per cent of its SDR allocation to African countries.

‘Moment of truth’ connected climate

The Foreign Minister besides called for urgent enactment connected clime alteration and the environment, with the upcoming COP26 clime alteration league serving arsenic “a infinitesimal of truth”.

He encouraged countries to “rally astir the extremity of clime neutrality by 2050”, noting that quality lives, arsenic good arsenic planetary civility and aboriginal generations, are astatine stake.

“Here again, France volition amusement its solidarity by providing €6 cardinal a twelvemonth and devoting much than a 3rd of its financing to clime adaptation,” helium added.

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