Former WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham on Jared Kushner: “Rasputin in a Slim-Fitting Suit”

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In her caller book, erstwhile White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham describes former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner as “Rasputin successful a slim-fitting suit.” Grisham’s book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, comes retired Tuesday.

She recalls that erstwhile it was decided that Trump should code the federation successful respect to Covid-19, that Kushner had worked with Trump’s speechwriter and “dictated” what Trump would say.

“Katie Miller, an adjutant to the vice president, was joined to speechwriter Stephen Miller. So she went into Stephen’s bureau and sat determination portion Jared Kushner frantically dictated the code to Stephen, who wrote thing out,” Grisham wrote, adding that she grew progressively “outraged” astatine Kushner’s behavior.

“He was not an adept connected immoderate of those things — shutting down borders, the economical consequences, the wellness consequences — yet helium unsocial seemed to beryllium deciding the nation’s archetypal actions to code 1 of the astir devastating crises successful our history,” she wrote. 

Grisham’s publication besides made headlines earlier this week for what she said astir Trump.

Grisham said working nether Trump was “terrifying” due to the fact that of the choler helium often directed astatine her and others.

“When I began to spot however his temper wasn’t conscionable for daze worth oregon the cameras … I began to regret my determination to spell to the West Wing,” she wrote.

Grisham admits that she “should person spoken up more” and says that eventually, “pretty much” each members of Trump’s squad “eventually wore retired their invited with the president.”

Trump, successful a connection to The Hill, criticized Grisham’s memoir, calling her “very aggravated and bitter.”

“She became precise aggravated and bitter aft her interruption up and arsenic clip went connected she was seldom relied upon, oregon adjacent thought about. She had large problems and we felt that she should enactment retired those problems for herself. Now, similar everyone else, she gets paid by a extremist left-leaning steadfast to accidental atrocious and untrue things,” Trump said successful a connection connected Tuesday.

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