Dropbox adds suggested folders, file conversion, camera uploads and more

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The extremity is to assistance location and concern users enactment amended organized and entree their important Dropbox files much easily.


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Dropbox has rolled retired a slew of caller features designed to destruct immoderate of the frustrations and obstacles that often popular up erstwhile you request to entree and enactment with your online files. In a blog station published Tuesday, the online retention tract revealed an array of caller and improved options, including suggested folders, record conversion, camera uploads, amended navigation, a redesigned details pane and much businesslike System Tray access.

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The institution has besides kicked successful definite information measures specified arsenic a browser hold and recognition paper enactment successful Dropbox Passwords arsenic good arsenic the quality to stock passwords. Most of the caller features are already disposable portion immoderate are inactive rolling out.

All items but the 1 for Suggested folders are accessible to immoderate Dropbox user, including those with escaped Basic accounts. But overmuch of the absorption is aimed astatine the galore radical who proceed to enactment from home.

"When we introduced caller features for distributed teams past year, you might've already been feeling the boundaries betwixt enactment and location statesman to blur," Dropbox said successful its blog. "So overmuch has happened since then. Work has been everlastingly transformed, and the divides betwixt our idiosyncratic and nonrecreational lives person continued to recede. To assistance you negociate the modulation into this caller world, we're continuing to make caller tools to enactment you astatine location and astatine work."

Suggested folders. Now disposable to Dropbox Business teams, suggested folders effort to pb you to the close contented truthful you tin entree what you request from colleagues and coworkers. Business users volition present spot recommendations for antithetic folders based connected their roles and connected however they collaborate with chap squad members.

File conversion. This caller diagnostic lets you person definite types of files to different formats straight done Dropbox. As of now, Dropbox users tin person PDFs and images to different formats. An enactment to person video files is coming soon, according to Dropbox. The thought is to destruct the hassle of downloading and opening a record from Dropbox successful a circumstantial application, converting it to a antithetic format, and past uploading the caller version.

Camera uploads. With this caller feature, Dropbox users tin automatically backmost up photos and videos from their phones and tablets wherever they tin entree them from immoderate device. You tin opt to backmost up circumstantial albums and tweak however your photos and videos are saved, a capableness present disposable for iOS and coming soon for Android.

Better navigation. The Dropbox website has spruced up the navigation pane connected the near to assistance you much easy spot and bounce among your antithetic folders and files.

Redesigned details pane. The details pane connected the close present provides much accusation connected a selected file, including the format, size, modified day and entree level.

Easier System Tray access. The Dropbox System Tray icon successful Windows (and the paper barroom connected a Mac) present shows you your synced information truthful you cognize if your files person been updated betwixt your machine and the cloud.

"As we've adapted to a caller mode of working, we've learned a batch astir the friction and obstacles that originate erstwhile teams displacement from moving successful the aforesaid spot astatine the aforesaid time, to moving crossed locations and hours," Dropbox said successful its blog. "We refined the Dropbox acquisition to trim clutter and added caller features to springiness you faster entree to your contented and workflows."

Dropbox Passwords browser extension. In 2020, Dropbox unveiled its ain password manager arsenic its reply to third-party programs specified arsenic LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane and RoboForm. The latest update to Dropbox Passwords adds extensions for fashionable browsers truthful you tin much easy entree and use your stored passwords crossed antithetic websites.

Credit paper support. Dropbox Passwords besides present supports recognition and debit cards truthful you tin securely store your outgo accusation to acquisition items online.

Password sharing. Finally, you tin stock your saved passwords with different members of your Dropbox program if you privation to usage the aforesaid accounts to entree antithetic websites.

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