Bradley Cooper reveals he was held at knifepoint on NYC subway

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(CNN)Bradley Cooper says successful 2019 helium was held astatine knifepoint connected a New York City subway.

The "Star is Born" histrion said the full incidental turned "pretty insane" erstwhile helium was approached by a antheral connected the subway astatine 11:45 a.m,

"I retrieve seeing the person's eyes and was taken by however young they were," Cooper said connected the "Armchair Expert" podcast with Dax Shepard.

    Cooper said helium had been wearing headphones and couldn't perceive extracurricular noise, but saw the antheral pointing a knife, which helium described arsenic having a two-to-three-inch leaf and a woody handle, astatine him.

      Cooper ran and jumped a turnstile wrong the station, past ran to the entrance, wherever helium was capable to get outside.

      "I conscionable started booking, conscionable started running," helium said. "I jumped implicit the turnstile, hid astir the white, tiled entranceway to the subway (and) took my telephone out. (The suspect) jumped over, moving away. I took a photograph of him. Then I chased him up the stairs. He started moving up 7th Avenue."

      He said helium was capable to drawback 2 much photos of the antheral past reported the incidental to a adjacent constabulary officer.

        He past had to spell prime up his girl from schoolhouse and added that helium had gotten excessively comfy successful the city.

        "My defender was down," helium added. "I realized I had gotten way, mode excessively comfy successful this city."

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